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DEDE PRIEST grew up in Texas and built an international name for herself by performing relentlessly over the years. This musician, with her impressive voice, guitar, and violin, maneuvers between authentic Blues, (Southern) Rock, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, and Folk, recalling memories of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Big Mama Thornton, Etta James, Don Sugarcane Harris, Freddie King, and T-Bone Walker.  JOHNNY CLARK'S OUTLAWS is a classic three-piece from The Netherlands with a sound and style rooted in the American music tradition.  DEDE PRIEST & JOHNNY CLARK'S OUTLAWS have developed a unique and recognizable sound that blends Blues with elements of Rock, Soul, Gospel, Folk, and Country.  Their first 2 releases, "FLOWERS UNDER THE BRIDGE" (December 2017) and "CROCUSES FROM ASHES" (May 2019), received exceptional, international praise.  Their 3rd album, "WHEN BIRDS WERE SNAKES", was released May 1, 2021.  Their shows bring original songs and deliver a loaded atmosphere where a modern-day, cross-over style emerges.

DEDE PRIEST:  Vocals, Guitar, & Violin
JOHNNY CLARK:  Vocals, Guitar
Photo Taken By Dirk W. De Jong