Leon Toonen

LEON TOONEN started playing drums when he was 9 years old.  After practicing on rubber pads for eighteen months, he joined the local drum corps.  After several years of playing drums in the corps, he was ready to move on.  There had to be more ... having his own drum kit was clearly priority numero uno!

Saving up the money that he made on some side jobs, there it finally was: a drum kit in the hall of his parents’ house.  Lots of neighbor complaints followed, but Leon was determined.  Needless to say, his efforts paid off.

After all the hours of practice, he started playing in a Folk band.  A Led Zeppelin tribute band followed, and eventually he started playing the Blues.  

Leon has played for over 10 years in the Blue Monday Blues band.  He also plays drums in the Soul Blues band, Haze & Horns.  In addition, he is an appreciated substitute drummer for many other bands.

Leon is proud to be a member of The Outlaws.

"Hope to see ya'll at one of our shows!"