JOHNNY CLARK & THE OUTLAWS features the classic, no-nonsense three-piece. With originals rooted in the American music tradition from Texas to Missouri, these guys add their own flavor to existing styles. This means Blues, sometimes crossin’ over to Rock, Folk, Country, or even PunkRock. Their songs reflect their Soul and tell their tale. Any listener will feel this without a doubt. "Soul 2 Soul", so to speak! Read More Reviews!

CD Logo Never For Granted



Released March 3, 2015

In JCO crossover fashion, the Blues has mixed again

with Rock, Country, and Punk Rock.

4 Original Songs + 2 Covers in CD Wallet

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  1. Texas
  2. Thunder
  3. Take Away The Night
  4. 16 Tons
  5. Never For Granted
  6. Rusty Cage



BlueLabel CD Cover


"BLUE LABEL" (Solo Acoustic)

Released May 2014

From the American Country, Folk and Blues tradition.

Unpolished and sparsely produced with the intention of

heart and soul rather than perfection.


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  1. As Long As I Can See The Light
  2. Like A Soldier
  3. Ain’t No Love
  4. City Of New Orleans
  5. Learning To Fly
  6. Ghostriders In The Sky
  7. Black Bottom
  8. Cotton Fields
  9. Alaska
  10. Home Don’t Feel Like Home
  11. Rusty Cage


CD Logo - Outlaws Night Out - small



Released August 2012

5 Original songs +1 in CD Wallet

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  1. Ain't No Love
  2. Outlaw's Night Out
  3. Alaska
  4. Whazzup?
  5. Fifty Dollar 2 Make U Holler
  6. Ready To Go



Johnny Clark & The Outlaws - Two Tears In A Bucket - 2009



Released 2009

13 Original songs in a digipack.
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  1. Sugah Darlin'
  2. I Don't Wanna Know
  3. Superlovely
  4. My Baby
  5. Gospel Of Thomas
  6. When The Blues Comes Callin'
  7. Feel So Good
  8. Spinnin' Down
  9. Someone @ The Door
  10. From Da' South
  11. Two Tears In A Bucket
  12. Outlaw Shuffle
  13. One Last Call