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Johnny Clark (Hans Klerken) was born January 23, 1968 and raised in a small town in the South-East of the Netherlands. In this agricultural area on the border with Germany, he grew up in the 70’s and early 80’s. The countryside and it’s culture define Johnny’s roots, something you can feel in his music. Through the first performance of Rory Gallagher in his hometown in 1984, he found out about Stevie R. Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Alan Haynes, and everybody else who plays music with soul.

With Bullfrog Blues Machine in ‘94, he started to develop his own style through writing and performing his own songs. Johnny fronted Bullfrog Blues Machine for 13 years and always kept an open mind and a longing for anything that gave him the thrill of the real deal: the magic and energy of good live music.

Through the constant process of "becoming", as Bob Dylan once put it in a nice poetic way, Johnny was ready for a change in 2007. With the dedicated Outlaws behind him, the three of them hit the road.

After the release of the EP "Never For Granted" in 2015, it was time for a change again. JCO started playing shows with Dede Priest (Tx, USA) on vocals, guitar and violin, adding another exiting chapter to their existence. This cooperation proved succesfull at their live shows and resulted in a new CD ("Flowers Under The Bridge") in december 2017.