Dede Priest

DEDE PRIEST and JOHNNY CLARK'S OUTLAWS began their collaboration in 2016.  Together they have developed a unique and recognizable sound that blends Blues with elements of Rock, Soul, Gospel, Folk, and Country.  In a short time, they have begun to tour regularly, and their first CD, "FLOWERS UNDER THE BRIDGE" (released December 2017), has received exceptional reviews.  Their shows bring original songs and deliver a loaded atmosphere where a modern-day, cross-over style emerges.

"If you are a sucker for energy driven Rock, Blues, Indie Rock, a dash of Funk and Country fronted by a Texan woman who has a mesmerizing and haunting voice, have I got a band for you ...This is a match truly made in music heaven ...Their songs reek of originality in both lyrics and musical attack ... This band is simply amazing ... The energy they deliver with just four musicians is beyond what words can describe …" BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE, USA  READ MORE REVIEWS